Brazen Badger Cove Half Marathon

Brazen Badger Cove Half Marathon

This year I’m attempting to complete Brazen Racing’s Ultra Half Marathon challenge – complete five (out of 13) of their most challenging half marathons (some are dubbed “ultras” because they run longer than the standard 13.1 miles) – and receive bragging rights and a special Ultra Coaster for your trouble and effort. Continue reading Brazen Badger Cove Half Marathon

I’m back

Land's End

On Sunday I did my usual long run (~12.47 miles). Because of an upcoming hilly Half in Livermore, I chose a route (quite standard, really, especially when I was training for the SF Marathon last spring/ summer,) that took me through the park, up Strawberry Hill and eventually down to Great Highway and up and Land’s End. Relatively “hilly” with lots of downhills and flats in between.

Though this will be my 4th year running, I still don’t know a lot about what to do/ how to improve. If I make the effort, and make it a point to go to track workouts, I might get better.

This year I vow to overcome my fears, to do things that scare me.

The Porch Restaurant and Bar – Sacramento

Yes, a Punchbowl
The Porch’s Punchbowl of Bloody Marys

The Porch is where we ended up for a post-CIM brunch. DD and I were able to leave our car at the Hyatt since we had already paid the $17 day-fee – our day lasted until 4pm. Carlos had kindly researched places on Yelp when I mentioned that I was in the mood for Fried Chicken after my marathon.

So we walked a couple of blocks. I felt fine, the legs a little achy, my body a little sore. Finally we saw the rectangular, low-slung building, gleaming white in the sun, with a true-to-its name porch for al fresco dining.

Yes, that photo above is a Punchbowl, full of Bloody Mary goodness, served ever-so-quaintly in little glass cups, so you can sip your drink genteely as you ponder whether to order the shrimp-and-grits or chicken and waffles. Tart and a bit spicy, the Bloody Marys hit the spot. I think the mix was, on the whole, a tad lighter on the alcohol, which was just fine by me. Continue reading The Porch Restaurant and Bar – Sacramento

The Hyatt Regency Sacramento – CIM 2012 Hotel

Double Room

As I mentioned in my CIM 2012 race report, I chose the Hyatt Regency Sacramento for a number of reasons as our hotel for the night before the race.

The Pros: Convenience

  • 3 blocks from the finish line
  • No 2-night requirement
  • Late checkout – 1pm – without an additional fee (ok if you plan on finishing the marathon within this timeframe)
  • Restaurant on-site
  • Parking on-site
  • Free wifi
  • CIM Bus pickup at 5am and 5:15am

Continue reading The Hyatt Regency Sacramento – CIM 2012 Hotel

California International Marathon 2012: Epic Effusions

Epic Coaster of a Medal
Epic Coaster of a Medal

This will no doubt be just another of the hundreds of blogposts that will be filed about this day, but I need to get this down since:

  • CIM 2012 was my first-ever marathon.
  • 2012 will be remembered as the year of the epic rainstorm.

Warning. This is waaay too long for to be of interest to anyone except myself, really, but – for what it’s worth…

On Friday, though I was still checking the weather every couple of hours, hoping beyond hope for some change, I was pretty much resigned. Yes folks, all indicators pointed to a deluge of not-insignificant proportions in the beginning, middle and most likely by the end of the marathon.

So that was that. My goal – of finishing anywhere from 4-4:15 — did not change drastically because of it. I figured that I’d start running, and adjust goals from there. Having never run a marathon before, and certainly, having never run long in pouring rain before, left lots of things up in the air. I kept telling myself that ultimately, the true goal was to finish, and finish strong. A good time would be icing on the cake. Also, beating Oprah would be icing on the cake. :) Continue reading California International Marathon 2012: Epic Effusions

CIM 2012 Weekend

Wow, it’s truly been a while. The last time I posted I was just starting training for my first marathon, ever, and that was back in September, when I managed to run 46 miles in a week – my highest mileage week ever (even during the “peak” of my cycle). I achieved this 46-mile week was only because I started Labor Day Monday with running the Zombie Runner/ Zoom Running Lake Vasona Half Marathon in Los Gatos.

Now, I find myself 2 days before my first-ever 26.2.

Continue reading CIM 2012 Weekend

It’s been a while – 16 mile milestone

Highest mileage week, yet!

It’s been a while… but before I get sucked up into other matters yet again, I need to get this down to help with future training.

16 miles is the longest run I’ve logged yet, ever, and it went surprisingly well. I attribute its success to a number of factors.

The Day Before

Though I woke up early (6:45am) to take the car in for service, I snuck in a nap around mid-day. I also bought a pastry and soymilk chai and had somewhat of a breakfast on the walk home from the dealership. For lunch I ate an ear of fresh corn and the leftover Santouka miso ramen which still had a goodly amount of noodles. Perhaps my body was trying to tell me something but I was constantly hungry and snacked a bit throughout the rest of the afternoon until dinnertime, when we had some Bun-Cha Rice Noodle Salad and Vietnamese meatballs for dinner. Bedtime at 10:30pm. Continue reading It’s been a while – 16 mile milestone

New Running Shoes


His and Hers Brooks Cascadia 7s

Like the noob I was, I started running in old, old way-too-small Sauconys – a fairly little-used pair that had seen some Lindy Hop partner dancing and perhaps some hip-hop choreography over the past 8(?) years. As I neared the completion of our Couch to 5K program, I decided to invest in some new shoes – the Saucony Shadow 6000 that didn’t seem too expensive, at the same shoe size I had always worn (6). I did manage to read some articles that indicated I should be ordering running shoes that were at least a half-size larger (to give your feet room), but chose, out of vanity (I like my small feet!) to ignore that advice. Continue reading New Running Shoes

Training/ Workout Summary Week of 20-26 February

Training Summary


4.65 miles on the treadmill – easy. 8.36 pace. Legs felt tired, even after 2 days off. Couldn’t do much with inclines – halfheartedly tried with some 2-3% elevation but not for very long. Then just tried to go fast.


6.03 miles on the treadmill – inclines. 8.50 pace. 3 sets of 2-3, with one of these going up to 4. Legs felt better today, and ready to tackle the inclines. Had to definitely slow pace for these. Continue reading Training/ Workout Summary Week of 20-26 February

Brazen Bay Breeze Half 2012

Brazen Bay Breeze Half Start

Yes, still new to running, so I’m selecting the “fast and flat” courses to try out before getting into the more challenging trails + hills or even hillier road races. This event out by the San Leandro Marina, is the speediest of races Brazen offers, and apparently so flat and boring that hardcore trail fiends Mr. NotthatLucas and his family chose to volunteer for it rather than actually race. We were very lucky with the weather this year, since it was apparently very wet in 2011 with gale-force winds threatening to knock runners off their feet as they braved the course.

I signed up earlier in the season, and was happy that DD offered to come along, bring the Harlow, and take some photos as I ran. We got there around 7:15ish, Endorphin Dude having announced something about a Half Fanatic photo prior to starting. Though I was technically not yet in HF, this race would be my 2nd Half in under 14 days, so I qualified for entry-level “Neptune moon” status. And besides, ED said it would be ok, and who am I to argue with such a running luminary? Continue reading Brazen Bay Breeze Half 2012

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