Arctic Queen Nectarine Galette

3-ingredient galette

In my quest for fast and easy desserts, I loved stumbling upon this amazing 3-ingredient recipe for a fruit galette, posted by Smith and Ratliff on Marcus Samuelsson’s blog.

As I’d mentioned before, I often tend to focus on the savoury, giving short shrift to sweet things. In my family my mom and I were the cooks, my little sister (with the sweet tooth, naturally), the baker. But DD has that sweet tooth, and less of an inclination to bake, and is more like to coerce me into emerging into the dark streets in our pyjamas, in search of dessert. We luckily live by a great Gelato shoppe a scant 1/2 block away and a cafe that offers crispy waffle bits and Bi-Rite ice cream catty-corner to the Gelato shoppe.

But with this recipe there’s really no excuse to not make dessert at home.

Pie Dough and Stone Fruit


  • Some prepared pie crust
  • Some fruit (I used 2 Arctic Queen white nectarines, cut up into wedges); Smith and Ratliff indicate that you can use any kind of stone fruit; berries would work, apples too.
  • Around 2 Tbs unsalted butter, cut up
  • Turbinado or Demerara Sugar or any natural brown sugar (optional)
  • Lime zest (optional)

Note: I realize that there are more than 3 ingredients listed up there, but you’ll see that two of them are optional, showing that the recipe is all sorts of flexible. Or, don’t count the prepared pie crust as an ingredient that you’ll have to go out and procure. Some of you will probably have some sitting in the freezer, as I did, when I found the recipe. I saw that I had a lime and decided to add some zest and juice at the last minute. Great addition.

A little lime zest on the Galette


1) Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees. Place the rack on the lowest shelf of the oven.

2) Roll out/unfold your pie crust on a baking sheet (if you have a Silpat or other silicone mat, use it on your baking sheet).

3) Place your nectarine slices in the middle of the crust, leaving a strip of dough around to fold over.

4) Dot the fruit with butter and sugar and sprinkle with lime juice and lime zest, if desired.

5) Fold over the edges over the fruit (rustic and torn/ messy is ok).

6) Brush the edges with water (or egg or butter) and sprinkle more demerera or turbinado sugar on top.

7) Bake until crust is golden brown and fruit juices are bubbly – around 35 minutes. Serve with your favourite ice cream, if you have it.

Super-easy, straightforward, and tasty!

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